Deus Ex Dia

Heroes Blamed

With the celebration of the defeat of Gregory Masterson otherwise known as Rasputin the party is in full swing. While taking their time to enjoy the “party favors” provided them by The jazz Man the club is shook down to its very foundation as horde of shinobi ninja burst in through windows along with the “party favors” turning out to be horde of titan spawn hell bent on the club and every scion s ichor. In the insuing battle it comes to light that DJ beatbox has turned to the side of the titans and joined the cult “Deus Ex Dia”. The club is laid to rubble in the battle and The Jazz Man lay dead on the club floor. Help from a Scion of Thor destroying the floor down to the sewers has let the band escape with their lives. Now they are beset by recent allies in a group of dwarves in a bum like shanty town.



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