Deus Ex Dia

Heroes Blamed

With the celebration of the defeat of Gregory Masterson otherwise known as Rasputin the party is in full swing. While taking their time to enjoy the “party favors” provided them by The jazz Man the club is shook down to its very foundation as horde of shinobi ninja burst in through windows along with the “party favors” turning out to be horde of titan spawn hell bent on the club and every scion s ichor. In the insuing battle it comes to light that DJ beatbox has turned to the side of the titans and joined the cult “Deus Ex Dia”. The club is laid to rubble in the battle and The Jazz Man lay dead on the club floor. Help from a Scion of Thor destroying the floor down to the sewers has let the band escape with their lives. Now they are beset by recent allies in a group of dwarves in a bum like shanty town.

Night Stalkers
A Night on the town
harlem nights

With a short conversation with The Jazz Man our heroes find themselves at the short end of a stick dealing with the current task ahead. The harlem district has been plagued by Ice Blue, a new drug that is akin to LSD being sold at 1/10th the cost. This would not be so bad but the effects of such a drug….was never full explained. The night sky began to cry tears and strike with lightening & thunder, with this almost horror based night scene over taking the background they began to take upon the task.

The group found themselves searching the streets for drug dealers selling the “Ice Blue”, upon which talking to one of the dealers was able to get a hold of Big Fat Money the second in command for Ice Blue Eyes the true power behind the drug. This rotund gentlemen was put at the mercy of our heroes and with a little leg work he willing gave up Ice Blue Eyes.

A trail was laid out by Big Fat Money and our Heroes were left outside this burned out neighborhood and as ghetto as possible. The apartment building was a five foot story building with two empty lots next to which it stood alone like an island alone in a sea of grass. In front of this building there were three people almost lost in their own worlds. The most sane of them was Mustafa Abdin whose was scared off by Raj. After this small group scene the doors to this den of immoral life awaits.

Upon entering the smell of sadness and broken dreams fills the air. A long hallway makes up the first floor with only four apartments to either side of the hallway. Only two doors to the right as well as the left, this would be a growing and ever present method of operation. To the end of the hallway there was a young girl at he bottom of the stairs with an already used needle sticking out of an obviously pronounced vain. Raj & Hector take up the front most part of the group while Corbin makes up the rear. Raj inspects the young girl and upon checking her for signs of conscience life he finds a disheartening sign. Raj takes a deep breath and sighs to himself to see such a young beauty wasting her life. Raj brings this to the attention to his fellows, Corbin hearing this makes his way to the now closed front door.

“It must have closed on it’s own”, he says to himself as he uses all of his might to wrench the door open. Corben swiftly makes his way to the far side of the building and hops his way up to catch the ladder for the fire escape. Once the ladder is reached he makes his way up past to the third floor, only half way up this tower of sin before the previous level gives way to the rust and weight. Little to Corben’s knowledge the following sounds would change the outcome of the rest of this adventure. With as much care as he can bring to bare Corbin flies up to the third level wherein he peers into the first window only to see the tail end of a man pushing six needles into his arm and release hell upon his own vains. When scenes ends the tales end was quiet obviously a dark one. Wasting no more time he makes his way to the third ignoring the rest of the windows on the way up.

Meanwhile back on the first floor Raj starts to see to the junkies of the first floor. while Rammitat,Hector & Nicky make their way up the stairs and to the second floor. The first worthy note is not the rooms themselves but yet the fact that all the doors are missing. The first room Nicky peers into is a scene of three men raping a passed out woman on a dirty bed. Nicky inraded by this rushes in only to dismantle the three men. To his horror upon completely the object of his rage he finds that the woman is long since dead and her eyes are sewn shut. While this was transpiring Rammitat made his way to the second door on the right side only to find a hooka, seeing nothing wrong and with a little complusion effect smoked the hooka. Once finished smoking the base of the hooka had a fetus in it, after leaving the room the last of the smoke took the hooka with it.

While downstairs all the door fling open and Raj is almost mobbed over by the remaining junkies who pour out at him like bums looking for change. Raj calls for his guides who are only able to manifest for a brief moment only to inform him that the Junkies are all undead mummies. Before he can make his way up to his band mates the Junkies cover him in a shower of acid tabs. With his sound health Raj is able to fight off the effect before like clock work machines the junkies rush back to the rooms and doors shut behind them. Coming to his senses Raj rushes up the stairs to catch up to his fellows.

Once Raj reached the top of the stairs, Hector & Nicky were exiting their room as Rammitat was doing the same. With a unified thought they made their way to the stairs at end of the hallway. With keen senses our heroes heard the sounds of two men getting ready to ambush them at the top of the third floor. Rammitat lowered his suitcase and drew out little mummy figurines in which he cut his hand to drip his own blood of them & with a few short words the figurines came to life with eyes filled with a sense of deep loyalty to Rammitat. Words spill from Rammitat like that of a general to murder the men upstairs. Up the walls like spiders they crawled to bring true death. Screams filled the stairway. The door behind the men slowly creaked open little known to the bandmates Corben had made his way into one of the windows on the third floor. Finally the band had been reunited upon the flight of the third floor.

Wasting no more time the band rushed through the third floor to the fourth floor, which appeared to be the only truly battletorn area of this place. Walls busted in and rooms empty with no sign of life. Moving to the end of this floor to the last set of stairs and up the band rushed. At the fifth floor the door opened up to what seemed to be a teraformed floor in the guise of a rainforest.

As the top door to the fifth floor swung open freely the fresh air of a verdant rainforest hit the Heroes like a way. Making there way slowly into the area they announced themselves and the intent to bring an end to his drug menace.The group was greeted by foliage with the image face of the Djinn Satin Al-Kabala whom call forth four warriors out from very plants they lay their eyes upon. As these warrior came forth the image of Satin disappeared back into the foliage from which his face sprung.

A battle had began of man versus beast. Before these solider could even begin to lay hands on our heroes three of the four were dispatched like leaves before the storm. The last of the leaf men charged at Nicky hoping to take him out the window with a five story drop, Nicky with the grace of a gazelle charged at him and lept over this warrior of bark and vine, sending the creature to his final destination on the concrete alone below.

Enraged by these sweeping of his men left Satin himself manifested from the very grass beneath their feet to his full height and power. Standing two head above he tallest of scions wit piercing green eyes and skin like that of worn trees this behemoth stood. Corben wasted no time and charged with spear in hand up the beasts back only to stop at his shoulder slamming his spear home at the back of his neck. Fast were his moves but not faster than the giants fist to block such a lethal blow. Corben’s faced showed anger as the lack of push he could get until he noticed that his spear ran deep in the fist. Hector was patience in his action and drew his pistol and with dead eye took aim for the beasts heart.Nicky rushed forward and struck with all his might only to feel the chin of rock almost breaking his own hand. After seeing that fist could not be the bane of this mountain he took his shot only to see the rounds meet there mark and do nothing whatsoever.Raj finally taking in the whole scene ahead of him knew what he had to do and at this point is when the tide of battle turned like a righteous sea coming in with the power of a tsunami. Rushing forward and using the momentum grabbed Satin’s left arm and held on as he swung behind him grabbing his other arm back. Normally Satin is a formidable Djinn of great might buy Raj took advantage of the momentum and his own might to hold the beast fast. Rammitat took this scene in and it was like poetry in motion, dashing forward he saw something that is the bane of every man’s existence and took hold of Satin’s grapefruit and squeezed for dear life with every ounce of strength he could muster. To add injury as well as insult Corben still upon the shoulders of Satin lept into the air and stretched back hard only to thrust hard down passed Satin’s face and chest and severed his manhood in one stab finishing off the beast once and for all.

The building began to rock and creek as the supporting foundation gave way, without Satin’s plant life to hold it up any long it began to crumble. Corben grabbed Rammitat and dashed for the window with fire escape and lept out as he landed the fire escape let loose from the building and began to fall towards the group, if not for his motorcycle it would have been a bad day that day but he was able to ride the fall long enough to leap off to his motorcycle and land safely. Nicky possessing the sky purview lept out the window and landed like a cat on his feet. Raj grabbed Hector and made a simliar play Corben made only a moment ago, only he banked on the pile of vine goop on the street below from the earlier fight to cushion his landing. As they landed Hector caught with his sharp eyes that a shadowy figure three building away across the street upon the roof survey the scene only to fall back into the shadows as Hectory noticed him.

The Heroes were aloud to regrow and gather their minds and senses, Raj showed everyone the trophy from Satin’s demise, a pair of Djinn’s Might. Taking there victory and trophy back to Pandora’s Box to meet with The Jazz Man, they explain the events that took place. Telling the story well enough Jazz is willing to go a bit above what he was going to o and offered to take the one trophy and reforge it into one for each of them. With a hardy feeling in their hearts they knew the work of the gods must be done, what lay ahead only time will tell.

Enter the Jazz Club

The crisp night air is something filled with sounds of jazz club goers waiting to get into Pandora’s Box, the line seems to be something of a long dread more then fifteen people deep. Flowing through the wall the camera does into the heart of this den of the pseudo-southern jazz club. Circling the room five figures stand out against the grain, rather than close up shots the view lowers down to the basement off of the Jazz Man.

Sitting at his table he speaks into a laptop which has displayed upon it’s luminessence screen is the only light in the room.

“I have your children waiting to come to my office, I will do my best to shape them up. For those that don’t shape up….”

Before Jazz Man is able to finish the sentence he pauses with a slight nod at the screen. Just then the door to his office opens up and before the figures can enter the down from the upstairs the laptop is shut.

The Jazz Man

The view from the sky begins it’s decent from the high clouds above New York City, the pale black and white background of the city almost in a very much film Noir. This Corvid of birds flight is something to be admired as she swoops through the city air like a feather on the wind. As she passes by building the sounds of a saxophone can be heard almost like honey words by mermaids of old whom sent sailors to their watery graves fill the night sky. Every single twist and turn has more and more passion put to it as the sounds grow louder and louder, every scene from which is most present is a city of ruin and ill begotten gains. A group of men begin to beat a woman and have their jollies with her passed out body and before things can begin to get any worse the corvid finishes her flight on a roof four blocks from such horrible scenes. Taking a last circular loop around this build of brink and stone, sitting at the corner is this building if you will that erects four stories tall and almost jet black stone brick on all sides. Adorned up the dual street facing sides is the title “Panadora’s Box”. This is a jazz club that is like no other in this city, when it comes to private meetings. This building not too long ago was an apartment complex that was being slummed out to the local drag of society. Upon landing on this roof the saxophone sounds die down slowly and this shadow like image puts one foot upon the edge of the roof and begins to speak to the corvid as if she understood him.

“Hey little one how does the sky hang so long, baby?” He draws upon his cigarette with the cherry being the only light upon his face but not enough to expose his idenity. “All the players are massing together and it will all come to a head one way or another. Do me a slice and make sure they find me first before she finds them”. The figure takes one last drag of his cigarette and flicks it off the roof before he goes back to whaling on his saxophone, with that the corvid takes flight off into a blank black city sky.


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