Harpy's Grasp

fingerless gloves


these leather gloves are fingerless and easy of fit and well worn with the following stats: + 1 Dam. Since they were made of the leather of a Harpy they also Channel the Sky & Psychopomp purview


In Hermes early days he was just as active as he is today. During one of his many deliveries to the kingdom of Crete he happened upon a nest of Harpies. These bird women were well known for there flight and ability to enhance travel, Hermes being Hermes stole upon a young hatchling and murdered it and had a leatherworker tan it and make him a pair of gloves. Since it was a hatchling there was not enough leather to make full gloves, so at the sacrifice of the fingers he kept them. In recent years Hermes has had no real need for them and has passed them on to his son Nicky in the hopes that he will find the same use in them as he once did.

Harpy's Grasp

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