healing agent


Amrita gathers in the most unexpected locations and at the most inopportune times. If you are searching for a pool of amrita, you will not find it. Rather, you will stumble across it without realizing what it is. Amrita pools are also of varying potencies. The number of dots of amrita determines its potency and thus its therapeutic effect. If a player wants to determine whether a pool of liquid might be amrita, she must roll her (Perception + Occult + Legend). The difficulty for this roll is three times the potency of the amrita (e.g. the number of dots of amrita). If a Scion does not acknowledge the amrita for what it is, then the liquid is the mundane substance it
appears to be: water, blood, soda, coffee and so on. Once recognized, a Scion may collect amrita. The potency of the amrita pool determines how much she may take: Amrita potency Total that can be taken
1 – 5 cups
2 – 4 cups
3 – 3 cups
4 – 2 cups
5 – 1 cup
Amrita is normally collected in flasks or skins. A Scion may carry no more than a half-gallon (eight cups) of amrita on their person at time: Any more amrita causes the divine substance to dilute and turn to savory, mundane honey. The higher the amrita’s potency, the more powerful
the Relic. One dot of amrita heals one point of bashing damage per cup of amrita consumed. Two-dot amrita heals one point of lethal damage per cup. Three dots of the nectar heals one point of aggravated damage per cup consumed. Four-dot amrita gives one point of temporary
Willpower per cup consumed (this dot may exceed the maximum normally allowed). Five-dot amrita gives one Legend point back to the Scion (which may not exceed the Scion’s maximum). Additionally, if a titanspawn consumes or comes into contact with amrita, they suffer one point
of lethal damage per dot of amrita per cup consumed. Mortals and non-legendary animals gain the same boons from amrita as Scions. However, the more potent the liquid, the more devastating the amrita’s effects are to the mortal psyche.


According to the legends of the Asuras, amrita is the substance stolen by the Devas from their beloved master, Vritra. The reason for this theft was the chance to obtain immortality and Godhood, something only bestowed upon by Vritra himself to his doting followers. This greatly angered the Titan, who, once his divine liquid was spirited away from him, became so enraged that he waged holy war against the Devas. His spite was so great that he determined to suck all the waters of the World, especially his lost amrita, so that no being could benefit anymore from the
blessed, quenching liquid. If you told this story to a Deva, she would laugh in your face. To them, amrita is the nectar of the Gods, their source of nourishment and a refreshing break from the hardships of being divine. And it’s delicious, too. Whatever story you believe, amrita is found everywhere in the World, if you know what you’re looking for. More than just ambrosia or soma, amrita is the sweet juice of creation, the etheric fuel for a God’s immortality. Gulping down a cup of this golden, intoxicating liquid can do wonders for a God, or even a Scion.
Amrita collects in pools throughout the World. Originating in Ksheerasagar, the primordial ocean of milk, and flowing down the peak of Mount Meru, amrita is found throughout the World, the Overworlds and Underworlds regardless of the pantheon. The other pantheons might not
know of its existence nor wish to acknowledge its presence, wary of its supposed connection to the Titans. Not so for the Devas: The more extravagant Gods of the pantheon have been known to bathe in its waters for centuries, basking in its power and slurping down its essence.


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