Ahera O' Eachthighearna



7 Armor, Mass 1, Maneuverability 6, Health Levels 17 (-0)
Channels: Purview Sky


When Corben was born Manannan Mac Lir casts stars for his step grandson and saw one day he would do great things, he went to Eachthighearna the lord of all horses and long time friend to birth him a strong and able son to gift his new grandson upon his second birth. Eachthighearna looked upon the world and saw that his child could not exist in a city of steel and concrete without some form of protection. Manannan Mac Lir in his infinite cunning promised to cast his most powerful illusion upon the great steed that would be gifted to his Corben. Deals were set and honor made lines, the gift was perfect. Manannan Mac Lir kept his promise and than some, he imparted a blessing that has yet to show itself but will one day change the course of Corben’s world….

Ahera O' Eachthighearna

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