The Jazz Man

standing at a mighty six foot five inches is a man that is almost too dark for words. At first glance he looks as if he is a very dark skinned middle eastern man or african american.


Using the stats of Dai-Tengu with the exception of Legend 4 instead of stated and access to Arete(Art:Saxophone)3, Darkness 1,2 & 3 thru his Saxophone relic.

Virtues: Expression 5, Intellect 4, Conviction 3, & Valor 3

Trophy: When Jazz man is finally put to rest his body dissolves into a long trance coat that acts like a bullet proof vest with the following: L4/B4/A2 – Access Darkness & Illusion


Off spring of Erebus and The Morrigan in days long since passed, Sombra Dias has made a point to serve any of the gods ends and some titanspawn if the cause is just. Since the cracking of the prison and freedom of his father his loyalties have come into question.

The Jazz Man

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