Satin Al-Kabala

Build like an Olympic power lifter with wiry muscles this behemoth keeps his true form on the low key as to not arise the challenge of a Scion looking to prove his mettle.


Stat equal Exp. Soldier template with Legend 4 Epic Strength 3(Crushing Grip, Holy Rampage & Uplifting Might) Epic Dexterity 3(And the Crowd Goes Wild. Cat’s Grace & Untouchable Opponent) Epic Stamina 3(Damage Conversion,Body Armor & Self Healing) Epic Manipulation 3(Takes One to Know One, Stench of Guilt & Knowing Glance) Epic Appearance 2(My Eyes Are Up Here & Doin Fine) Epic Intelligence 1(Language Mastery) Epic Wits 2(Rabbit Reflexes & Opening Gambit)


Satin is and always will be the prime example of what happens when you let your weeds grow beyond their normal boundaries. His need for slaves was on the borderline of obsession. He Poisons, Antidotes & Drugs are some of the foremost in all the world. Recently one of his forms was laid to rest, it is only a matter of time before he fully regenerates to full strength for round two…

Satin Al-Kabala

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