she is whatever you want her to be, she looks like everything you want in a woman.


using the stats of a bloodymary out of the ragnarok book with the following bonuses: +6 to all actions involving the opposite sex. Her defense value is always 8(11 with opposite sex). B5,L3,A2
Shapeshift: At a cost of 1 legend she can assume the appearance of anyone. This is a baseline change and not an illusion effect.
Pheromones: At will she produces a pharmone that opposite sex attackers to be a external penalty to oppose her will equal to her current Legend rating
Invulnerability:She can not be permanently killed by anyone with less legend then herself, she will revive out of a large body of water with full memory and unspent legend days equal to the attackers Legend minus her own.


A member of Black Bird Corp for as long as she can remember, the only history that she even knows is this and nothing more….


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