Ka Al-Mutal

Build like an Olympic power lifter with wiry muscles this behemoth keeps his true form on the low key as to not arise the challenge of a Scion looking to prove his mettle.


Stat equal Exp. Soldier template with Legend 4 Epic Strength 3(Crushing Grip, Holy Rampage & Uplifting Might) Epic Dexterity 3(And the Crowd Goes Wild. Cat’s Grace & Untouchable Opponent) Epic Stamina 3(Damage Conversion,Body Armor & Self Healing) Epic Manipulation 3(Takes One to Know One, Stench of Guilt & Knowing Glance) Epic Appearance 2(My Eyes Are Up Here & Doin Fine) Epic Intelligence 1(Language Mastery) Epic Wits 2(Rabbit Reflexes & Opening Gambit)


Ka Al-Mutal is like any other Djinn from the burning Sands, expect he knows he is a slave…for whatever that is worth.

Ka Al-Mutal

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